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CC/Rev to GPM Calculator

A Comprehensive Guide to CC/Rev to GPM Calculator

The CC/Rev to GPM Calculator is a specialized tool that converts measurements from cubic centimeters per revolution (CC/Rev) to gallons per minute (GPM). This calculator is particularly relevant in industries that involve internal combustion engines, machinery, and systems where understanding the relationship between engine displacement and fluid consumption is important.

Understanding the terminologies CC/Rev and GPM

  • CC/Rev (Cubic Centimeters per Revolution): This measurement is commonly used in internal combustion engines, particularly those with reciprocating pistons. It indicates the displacement of the engine, which is the total volume of all cylinders covered by the movement of the pistons in a single revolution. CC/Rev is a representation of engine size, and it’s directly related to the potential power an engine can generate.
  • GPM (Gallons per Minute): GPM is a measure of fluid flow rate and is frequently used to quantify the rate at which liquids, such as fuel or water, are consumed or supplied. This metric is valuable for understanding the efficiency of engines and systems that rely on fluid circulation.

Formula for Calculating CC/Rev to GPM:

The formula to convert CC/Rev to GPM is as follows:

GPM = (CC/REV) * (RPM) * (1/231)

  • GPM: The flow rate in gallons per minute, indicating the amount of fluid (usually fuel) consumed or supplied by the engine per minute.
  • CC/Rev: The engine’s cubic centimeters per revolution, representing the volume of the engine’s displacement covered by the movement of the pistons in one revolution.
  • RPM: The engine’s revolutions per minute, denoting how many times the engine’s crankshaft completes a full rotation in a minute.
  • 1/231: This fraction is a conversion factor used to convert the volume from cubic inches to gallons. There are 231 cubic inches in one U.S. gallon.


Let’s consider an engine with a displacement of 1000 CC/Rev and an RPM of 2500.

GPM = (1000 * 2500) * (1/231)

GPM = 10822.51 GPM

CC/Rev to GPM Calculator


Utilizing the Calculator:

Input values of CC/Rev and RPM:

  • CC/Rev: This is the measurement of the engine’s displacement per revolution. It indicates the volume that the engine’s cylinders can displace with each rotation.
  • RPM: This represents how many times the engine’s crankshaft completes a full rotation in a minute.

Click the Calculate Button:

Click the “Calculate” button after entering the CC/Rev and RPM values. The calculator will process the input and perform the conversion formula to calculate the equivalent flow rate in gallons per minute (GPM).


If you want to perform a new calculation, click the “Reset” button. This will clear the input fields and any displayed results.

At The End

By effortlessly translating cubic centimeters per revolution (CC/Rev) into relatable gallons per minute (GPM), this calculator equips engineers, mechanics, and industry professionals with a clear understanding of how engine size relates to the amount of fuel used.