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Helix Length Calculator

Exploring Helix Length: Introduction to the Calculator

The Helix Length Calculator is a digital tool designed to calculate and determine the length of a helix.

What is a Helix?

A helix is a three-dimensional geometric shape that resembles a spiral or a coil. It is characterized by a curved structure that wraps around a central axis while simultaneously moving away from or toward it. Helices can be found in various natural phenomena and human-made designs.

Two main components define the structure of a helix:


Radius: The distance from the central axis to any point on the helix. This parameter determines how “wide” or “narrow” the helix appears.


Pitch: The distance the helix advances along its central axis in one complete turn or rotation. It signifies how much the helix moves upwards or downwards as it wraps around the axis.

Formula for Calculating Length of Helix:

The formula to calculate the length of a helix involves its radius (r) and pitch (p):

Helix Length =  r² + p²


r is the radius of the helix.

p is the pitch of the helix.

Let’s consider a helix with a radius of 3 units and a pitch of 5 units. Using the formula:
Helix Length =  r² + p²
Helix Length = ((3)² + (5)²)
Helix Length = 5.83
So, the length of this helix is approximately 5.83 units.
Helix Length Calculator


How to Use Helix Length Calculator:

Input Values

  • Radius: Enter the radius of the helix. The radius is the distance from the center of the helix to the outer edge.
  • Pitch: Input the pitch of the helix. The pitch is the vertical distance between one complete turn of the helix.

Click Calculate Button

This action triggers the calculator to process your entered values and perform the necessary mathematical operations.

Reset Button

If you wish to perform another calculation, click the “Reset” button. This action will clear all input fields and the calculated helix length value, allowing you to start a new calculation.

At The End

The Helix Length Calculator makes understanding helix shapes super easy. The calculator quickly figures out how long the helix is by typing in the radius and pitch. Whether you’re exploring science, designing buildings, or doing fun projects, this calculator makes a tricky calculation simple.