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HP to Current Calculator

Calculating Amp from HP: Your Ultimate Conversion Resource

The HP to Current Calculator is a specialized tool designed to convert the measurement of horsepower (HP) into the corresponding electric current in amperes (A).

What is Horsepower?

Horsepower is a unit of power that quantifies the rate at which work is done. It’s commonly used to measure the power output of engines, motors, and other mechanical devices. On the other hand, current represents the movement of electric charge in a circuit and is measured in amperes (A).

Understanding the HP to Current Formula

Formula for HP to Current Conversion:

I(A)= HP×746 ⁄ V × η × PF


  • (I) is the current in amperes (A).
  • ( HP) is the horsepower value.
  • (V) is the voltage in volts (V).
  • (PF) is the power factor (usually between 0 and 1).
  • η represents Efficiency.


Suppose you have a  motor with a power factor of 0.85, connected to a 480V power supply with 90% efficiency. The motor’s horsepower rating is 10 HP. You want to calculate the current it draws.


  • (HP = 10)
  • (V = 480)
  • (PF = 0.85)
  • (Efficiency 90%)

Putting the given values in the formula:

I(A)= 10×746/ 480 × 90% × 0.85

I(A)= 10×746/ 480 × 0.9 × 0.85

I(A) = 11.73 A

So, the motor draws approximately 11.73 amperes of current when operating at 10 horsepower, with a power factor of 0.85, and connected to a 480V power supply.

HP to Current Calculator

How to Use HP to Current Calculator:

Enter values in the Input Fields.

  • Horsepower: This is the amount of power in terms of horsepower that you want to convert to electrical current.
  • Voltage: Input the voltage of your electrical system in Volts. This is the voltage at which the conversion will be calculated.
  • Power Factor: Enter the power factor of your system. The power factor represents the efficiency of converting electrical power to useful work.
  • Efficiency: This is the efficiency of the system, expressed as a percentage. It indicates how efficiently the electrical power is being converted to useful work.

Click the Calculate Button

After filling in the input fields, click the “Calculate” button. This action triggers the calculator to perform its calculations using the entered values and the formula.

Reset Button:

If you want to perform another calculation or clear the input values, click the “Reset” button. The button will clear all input fields and hides the result.

At The End

The HP to Current Calculator provides a simple and efficient way to convert horsepower (HP) into current (amps) for electrical systems. With user-friendly input fields for Horsepower, Voltage, Power Factor, and Efficiency, this calculator offers quick and accurate results.