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Pie Cut Calculator

Pie Cut Calculator: Your Tool for Perfect Slices

A Pie Cut Calculator is a digital tool designed to assist individuals in evenly slicing a pie into equal portions. It helps users determine the best way to cut a pie based on the desired number of slices and the size of the pie. This is useful for bakers, chefs, and anyone who wants to serve visually appealing and equally portioned pie slices.

Pie Cut Angle Calculation Formula:

The formula for Calculating Pie Cuts:

The fundamental formula for calculating the degree of each pie slice is:

θ = 360° / n

In this formula:

  • θ represents the angle of each slice, measured in degrees.
  • n represents the number of slices you intend to cut the pie into.


If you plan to cut a pie into 8 equal slices?

θ = 360° / 8 = 45°

This means each slice should be cut at a 45-degree angle from the center of the pie.

The formula for Calculating Length and Height of Pie Cuts:

Once you have the angle per slice, you can determine the length and height of each slice using the following formulas:

Length of Slice (L): L = (θ/360°) x c


  • L represents the length of each slice.
  • θ is the angle of each slice, measured in degrees.
  • c is the circumference of the pie.
For example, if the circumference of the pie is 30 inches, and each slice has an angle of 45 degrees, the length of each slice will be:
L = (45/360) x 30 = 3.75 inches
Height of Slice (H): H = r x (1 – cos(θ/2))

In this formula:

  • H denotes the height of each slice.
  • r stands for the radius of the pie.
  • θ represents the angle of each slice.
  • Cos is the cosine function.
For example, if the radius of the pie is 8 inches, and each slice has an angle of 45 degrees, the height of each slice will be:
H = 8 x (1 – cos(45/2))
cos(45/2) = 0.9239
H = 8 x (1 – 0.9239)
H = 0.6088 inches
Pie Cut Calculator


How to Use the Pie Cut Calculator:

Enter Values in the Input Fields

  • Diameter: In the “Diameter (inches)” field, input the diameter of the circular object you want to slice. This could be the size of a pie, pizza, or any other round treat.
  • Number of Slices: Enter the number of slices you want to cut the circular object into in the “Number of Slices” field. This could be the total number of guests you’re serving or your preferred portion count.

Click the Calculate Button

Click the “Calculate” button. The calculator will process the information you provided and swiftly calculate the angle required for each slice.

View Result

Once the calculation is complete, the calculator will display the result in Angle per Slice.

Reset Button

If you want to perform another calculation, you can click the “Reset” button. This action will clear all the input fields and the calculated angle, allowing you to start fresh.

At The End

A pie cut calculator enables you to split a round food item into uniform portions effortlessly. The equations for determining each slice’s angle, length, and height are straightforward and can be used for a range of culinary treats like pies, pizzas, and cakes. Remember to measure the circle’s diameter or radius and specify the desired slice count.