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Rate of Climb Calculator

Understanding Rate of Climb

The rate of climb calculator refers to the rate at which an aircraft or object changes its altitude over time. It’s an essential metric for pilots, aircraft designers, and engineers as it helps evaluate aircraft performance, optimize flight plans, and ensure safety during takeoff, landing, and cruising.

Formula for Rate of Climb:

The formula to calculate the rate of climb is straightforward:

Rate of Climb = Altitude Change / Time


Rate of Climb: The vertical speed of ascent (measured in meters per second or feet per minute).

Altitude Change: The change in altitude over a specified time period (measured in meters or feet).

Time: The altitude change’s duration (measured in seconds or minutes).


Imagine an aircraft taking off from a runway. In the first 10 seconds of takeoff, the aircraft gains an altitude of 100 meters. To calculate the rate of climb, we can use the formula:


   Rate of Climb = 100 meters / 10 seconds = 10 meters per second


   This means the aircraft is ascending at a rate of 10 meters per second.

Rate of Climb Calculator

meters per second

How to Use the Rate of Climb Calculator:

  1. In the box labeled “Altitude Change (m),” type in the number that tells you how much the object went up or down.
  2. Look for the “Time (s)” box and type in the time it took for the object to climb or descend.
  3. Locate the button that says “Calculate” and give it a click. This tells the calculator to do the math for you.
  4. Right below the buttons, you’ll see the result. This is the rate at which the object climbed or descended.
  5. If you need to calculate another rate of climb or you made a mistake, there’s a button called “Reset.” Clicking it will clear the boxes and the result, so you can start fresh.

At The End

The Rate of Climb Calculator is like a helpful friend that can be useful in many areas, like flying planes or building things. It helps experts figure out how fast something is going up or down, which is important for safety, getting things done quickly, and doing things well.