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Reverse Dilution Calculator

Understanding Reverse Dilution in Chemical Reaction:

Reverse Dilution Calculator refers to the process of determining the original concentration of a solution before it was diluted. It allows us to work backward from diluted to concentrated solutions. This concept is particularly useful when the initial concentration of a solution is unknown, but the diluted concentration and the dilution factor are given.

Reverse Dilution Calculator Formula:

The formula for calculating the reverse dilution factor is derived from the relationship between the final diluted concentration (Cf), the initial concentration (Ci), and the dilution (D):



Reverse Dilution = Cf / Ci = D


  • Cf is the final diluted concentration.
  • Ci is the initial concentration.
  • D is the dilution.


Suppose you have a solution with an initial concentration of 0.2 M (Ci=0.2). This solution is then diluted by a factor of 5 (D=5) to achieve a final concentration of 0.04 M (Cf=0.04). Calculate the reverse dilution factor?

Using the formula: 

Reverse Dilution (D) = Cf / Ci

Initial Concentration (Ci) = Cf / D

   0.004 / 5

The reverse dilution factor in this case is 0.0008

Reverse Dilution Calculator

How to Use this Calculator:

Enter Information:

  • Final Concentration: In the “Final Concentration” input field, enter the concentration of the solution after dilution. This value should be a positive number.
  • Dilution Factor: In the “Dilution Factor” input field, enter the dilution factor used to achieve the final concentration. The dilution factor is typically a decimal, like 0.1 for a 1:10 dilution.

Click Calculate:

Click the “Calculate” button. The calculator will process the information you provided.

View Result:

The “Original Concentration” result will appear below the “Calculate” button. This value represents the concentration of the original, undiluted solution used to create the final diluted solution.


If you want to perform another calculation, click the “Reset” button. This clears the input fields and results, allowing you to input new values for calculation.

At The End

A reverse dilution calculator is a powerful tool that enables chemists to determine the original concentration of a solution before dilution. By using the relationship between initial and final concentrations, along with the dilution factor, this concept provides insights into quantitative aspects of chemical analysis and experimentation.